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End-to-end Wireless

Allstar Solutions is a proven wireless solution provider. Allstar's expert Engineers can develop and design your network, install and configure and then provide ongoing support to ensure that you have fast and problem free coverage.

We can work with you from start to finish. Predictive, active and passive surveys, implementations and post implementation surveys.

Pre-deployment Survey

Audit - Existing wireless networks may need to be audited to obtain its current state and whether it is fit for purpose for future requirements. All areas of each floor in question is walked with frequent samples of signal strength measured and recorded. This data is then analyzed to identify where coverage limitations might exist. Spectrum Analysis - Wireless signals operate within the same frequency as many other RF transmitters. A spectrum analysis is conducted to ensure there are no external RF interferers that could impede on a current or greenfield wireless deployment. Predictive Survey - An initial survey which is conducted remotely within Ekahau/Airmagnet Site Survey software to identify the number, and placement of APs to be installed in accordance with the customers’ requirements (data, voice, RTLS). The physical environment is emulated by importing to scale floor plans and the placement of RF attenuators (walls, windows etc.) to replicate the environment to be surveyed. APs are then placed on the floor plan to predict the RF signal coverage. AP-on-a-stick - Utilising a single AP, this technique is used to confirm AP coverage. The AP is powered up and placed in the predictive survey proposed location, RF signal is measured by surveying the surrounding area. The AP is moved to the next location, and the process is repeated. This confirms the RF attenuation levels making up the sites surveyed.

Wireless Network Design

Throughout your engagement with us, we work with you to design a wireless network that meets all of your technical and business needs. Covering all aspect of wireless design; Network Coverage, Infrastructure, Security, Management and Optimisation.

Wireless Installation Services

Allstar offer wireless installation services to meet your every installation need, including the following: 1. Ethernet Data Cabling and Testing 2. Wireless Access Point Installation 3. Wireless Mesh Access Point Mounting and Installation Allstar manage and oversee every aspect of installation, ensuring the utmost in quality is delivered to our clients. This includes maintaining a physical presence onsite, whilst the physical hardware is being installed. Upon completion, we provide detailed As-Built documentation to our clients, documenting the exact network setup.

Post Deployment Survey

Passive - Once the wireless infrastructure has been installed, a passive or verification survey is conducted. A walk around of all areas requiring coverage is conducted whilst recording the RF signal strength. This is to validate the placement and number of APs to ensure the wireless infrastructure will meet the initial requirements. Active - Active surveys are conducted to confirm signal coverage (such as the passive survey) but also to confirm the 'network health' of the wireless infrastructure. The surveyor associates to the wireless infrastructure and with the use of a throughput server such as ‘iperf’, actual data throughput, round trip time and ping loss can be measured whilst roaming across all floors.

Smart Meeting Rooms

"Working with an ALLSTAR global partner for a global Australian company to deliver VC solutions to 68 Rooms in 27 cities across 11 countries. Scope included site assessment and recommendations, cabling, installation, testing providing sign off and as-builts through a centralised project management team."


Preparing your network for IoT

Like many organisations is your network is experiencing the growing painsthat come with increasing bandwidth requirements? Teams & Zoom conferences combined with the addition of access points and Internet of Things data traffic affects your networks performance. Here’s a guide to preparing your enterprise network for the new age of IoT.

Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6

As the internet steadily runs out of IPv4 addresses, making the shift from IPv4 to IPv6 is a matter of when, not if, and already a multitude of organisations and service providers are making the transition.
It’s in your interests to start planning the implementation of IPv6 sooner rather than later, allowing the time to iron out kinks, minimise downtime and compete successfully with others who have made the change.
Here’s a set-by-step guide to transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6…

Site surveys and why you need one

Whether you have an existing wireless network or are planning to implement a new one, a site survey is a critical tool for medium, large, and even small enterprise to ensure your network functions adequately.

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