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IT Project Management

Allstar Solutions provide accredited Project Services to manage the delivery of solutions at all levels. From task coordination through to full program delivery, our project team can augment the clients PMO or manage outcome deliverables independently.

Allstar Solutions has a dedicated pool of project managers and engineering resources working in partnership with a network of trusted suppliers around the country.

Project Scoping and Costing

Allstar specializes in cost estimating services as a service or as part of general project management. Allstar prepare cost estimates and/or verify costs at any stage of the process using cost production databases for labour, material, supplies, contractor field overhead and markups. Allstar analyses the project scope, time, cost, quality, and performance to develop an accurate assessment of the construction process. Allstar’s cost estimators come from ICT contractor backgrounds with T&M’s estimating expertise.

Demand Management

Allstar works with all clients of all industries to better predict your program or project needs, creating an agile organization – transformed to not only handle ups and downs, but embrace the volatility and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Resource Management

Understanding the resource capacity and skill sets that exist within your Project gives you the ability to balance demand and apply the right resources at the right time. Allstar helps you obtain, structure, and analyse your resource management information and practices to use your talent effectively and streamline resource deployment.

Vendor Management

It is more common for vendors to be responsible for deliverables within your project. Whether you are implementing a new vendor or an existing vendor, vendor management is a necessity in business today. Allstar has the experience to manage and work on your behalf with vendors to ensure terms and conditions are met. If you already have a PMO in place, Allstar can help you add the proper governance necessary to manage your vendors effectively. (APC UPS Case Studies and Enterprise Standards)

Asset Management

Allstar provide you the optimal lifecycle of the hardware and software of an organization. The service covers procurement, installing, commissioning, ITSM, decommissioning or parts replacement.

Project Monitoring and Control

Allstar project coordinators work with project managers and clients on complex and challenging projects with expertise in earned value monitoring, critical path scheduling, risk analysis/mitigation, contract management, scope variation, key performance indicators/trend charts, resource forecasting, document management and change control. (BIG W Scope Variations, Cancelling and rescheduling controls)

Smart Meeting Rooms

"Working with an ALLSTAR global partner for a global Australian company to deliver VC solutions to 68 Rooms in 27 cities across 11 countries. Scope included site assessment and recommendations, cabling, installation, testing providing sign off and as-builts through a centralised project management team."


Preparing your network for IoT

Like many organisations is your network is experiencing the growing painsthat come with increasing bandwidth requirements? Teams & Zoom conferences combined with the addition of access points and Internet of Things data traffic affects your networks performance. Here’s a guide to preparing your enterprise network for the new age of IoT.

Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6

As the internet steadily runs out of IPv4 addresses, making the shift from IPv4 to IPv6 is a matter of when, not if, and already a multitude of organisations and service providers are making the transition.
It’s in your interests to start planning the implementation of IPv6 sooner rather than later, allowing the time to iron out kinks, minimise downtime and compete successfully with others who have made the change.
Here’s a set-by-step guide to transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6…

Site surveys and why you need one

Whether you have an existing wireless network or are planning to implement a new one, a site survey is a critical tool for medium, large, and even small enterprise to ensure your network functions adequately.

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