Quality Management

Quality Assurance Statement

Allstar Solutions has undertaken a commitment to providing a high quality service to our customer. All activities are designed and carried out to ensure customer expectations are met and exceeded, and management and staff at Allstar Solutions are committed to achieving continuous improvement.

Quality Policy

Quality is considered one of the most important components to the success of Allstar Solutions. Allstar Solutions succeed because of the quality of our staff, our processes, and all of the services that we offer. We listen to our customers and use their viable input to define the quality of our services and the need to drive continuous improvement. Allstar Solutions understands the importance of doing it right even when no-one is looking.

Quality is an everyday priority and underpins everything we do. Allstar Solutions understands that our people are the key to the success of our organization and commits to educate, train and support all team members in the achievement of quality in the delivery of all services, both internal and external.

Quality Objectives

Allstar Solutions sets out the following objectives to assist them in the achievement of their Quality Policy:

To apply the principles of the Quality Management System in everything that the organisation undertakes, both in delivering products and services to our customers and in all relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues within the team and wider Group.

To fully understand our customers’ requirements and goals and exceed their expectations wherever possible

To adopt and adhere to a process approach, ensuring that sufficient controls are in place for process governance and that all processes are documented, fit for purpose and available to all staff.

To measure, monitor and report on activities across the organisation, and to use all metrics and results within a Continuous Improvement Programme.

To provide training and support to all staff to enhance their knowledge and skill, allowing them to achieve excellence in everything they do.

Project Management Accreditation

Allstar Solutions are an AIPM accredited ICT solutions provider. Our certification recognises our competence and ability to manage projects effectively which provides you with the confidence that you have engaged professionals.

Our Program and Project Managers are subject matter experts in their field and have many years delivering successful projects. We have the competence and ability to acquire project management knowledge and skills in an appropriate context. Certification at this level is a demonstration of competence and not a test of academic achievement or of knowledge.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Allstar Solutions always conducts business with systems in place to ensure that customers requirements are being met with high satisfaction and quality. Allstar Solutions will establish measurements of customer satisfaction for each service process. These measurements are to be established during the planning cycle of each project. These measures are to be periodically reviewed to ensure that they always provide relevant customer satisfaction measures.
In general, customer relationships are defined through contracts and service level agreements (SLA’s). Such Agreements will identify the level of customer reposting, the method for communicating exceptions to the agreed service levels and how and when review meetings ae to be scheduled. Customer satisfaction measures are collected and reported in three ways:
          a. Monthly reports: A tailored monthly report will be provided to the customer with respect to each process or in some cases, groups of processes. This report will be based on the metrics established during the planning stage.
          b. Incident problem reports: where specified service level exception and investigation reports will be provided to the customer.
          c. Review meetings: Contract review meetings will be scheduled with the customer. The input to these meetings will include the latest monthly reports and any exception reports raised during the intervening period.