May 10, 2017

Satellite Installation and Support

"ALLSTAR Solutions provided installation and incident management services for one of Australia's biggest banks."

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Title: Satellite Installation and Support
Client Category: Finance and Banking
Service Type: Onsite Deployment


ALLSTAR Solutions provided installation and incident management services for one of Australia’s big four banks. The project involved the set up and configuration of a privately owned satellite TV service which was made available to all Administration and Branch locations throughout Australia.

This is one of the many services ALLSTAR has provided to the banking industry over the past 18 years.

Allstar's Solution

The primary services provided for this service line included:


Installation at Branch locations

  • Mounting satellite dishes
  • Installation of riser cables
  • Connection of end-to-end infrastructure
  • Satellite alignment, configuration, test and commission


Branch relocations

  • Decommission TV infrastructure
  • Re-commission TV infrastructure


TV decommission

TV Break/Fix field services


TV was an integral part of the Bank’s communication and training services for internal purposes, and in later years became a vital channel for customer advertising.

Approximately 1200 branches were serviced by TV and due to the bi-weekly broadcast (at a minimum), the service required high availability.

All service requests were submitted to ALLSTAR’s Service Desk where the calls were logged, managed and closed. In some cases the service definitions were quite diverse, spanning everything from dealing with property owners, local council, and building and construction teams, to liaising with the satellite provider.

Client Benefits

ALLSTAR’s success in delivering this service over a long period can be attributed to a single point of contact and management of service requests, constant access and communication with service line personnel, and the breadth of coverage provided to the branch network.



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