May 10, 2017

Managed IT Equipment

"The ALLSTAR Warehouse has staging facilities that can be utilised by its Clients. The facility offers bench space, power, wireless Internet and immediate access to Project stock."

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Title: Managed IT Equipment
Client Category: Datacentre
Service Type: Support and Maintenance


ALLSTAR Solutions provide Managed IT Equipment solutions to its Clients in various forms. This is an on-going service that can be utilised by our Clients both short and long term, and is available across Australia and New Zealand.

Services provided include:

  • Churn stock management
  • Project stock management
  • Staging facilities
  • IT equipment disposal
  • Secure storage

Churn Stock Management

ALLSTAR manage IT equipment for their Clients past and present. The equipment type includes routers, firewalls, switches, servers, desktop/laptops, printers, peripherals, PABX, handsets, etc.

The scope of the stock management includes the following, the Client can choose all of the elements or select only those required.

  • Secure/Managed Warehouse facilities.
  • Equipment receipt – delivery acceptance, check against delivery docket, inventory updates, equipment placement in designated storage bays, stock rotation.
  • New equipment staging – assemble, load image (SOE, Config files, IOS, firmware, etc), bench test, re-package and prepared for dispatch.
  • Existing equipment management – existing equipment can be processed for re-use and/or disposal. For re-use the equipment is cleaned, check operation, re-load image if required, bench test, package and return to available stock.
  • Warranty management/repairs – in cases where faulty items are retuned to stock, the Warehouse will manage warranty returns, parts replacement, etc. as an agent representing the Client.
  • Equipment dispatch – at the request of the client, equipment is picked, packaged, labelled and dispatched in accordance with the agreed SLA.
  • Asset Management – all equipment delivered to, and dispatched from the Warehouse is documented and applicable Asset registers updated. This can be done on-line using the Clients’ ticketing/management tool or via periodic reports in the form of spreadsheets, etc.

Project Stock Management

The management of a Clients project stock is similar to churn stock management, the difference being project stock will be managed for a fixed period of time, generally the duration of the project.

As above, the following services are available to Clients for project stock:

  • Secure/Managed Warehouse facilities.
  • Equipment receipt.
  • Equipment staging – this can be done by the Client, or they can utilise ALLSTAR resources for this activity.
  • Warranty management/repairs – applicable to any DOAs or damaged stock.
  • Equipment dispatch.
  • Asset Management.

The Clients project personnel have access to the ALLSTAR Warehouse and staging facilities during business Hours. Access can be arranged after hours should the need arise.

Staging Facilities

The ALLSTAR Warehouse has staging facilities that can be utilised by its Clients. The facility offers bench space, power, wireless Internet and immediate access to Project stock.

The Client can choose the level of involvement they need from ALLSTAR when using the staging area.

  • Totally independent – the Client chooses to manage stock movement, inventory management, unpacking/packing equipment, dispatch, etc.
  • Blended model – where the Client may choose to have ALLSTAR warehouse personnel assist with stock movement, inventory updates, unpacking/packing equipment, dispatch, etc.

IT Equipment Disposal

From time to time ALLSTAR clients have a requirement to dispose of obsolete IT equipment.

Disposing of equipment in an environmentally responsible and secure way is one of Allstar Solutions’ core practices. This section outlines our commitment and process of data cleansing and recycling.

Data Security

Before we even consider whether to recycle or donate, any end of life equipment is thoroughly scrubbed of all information using a 7-pass erase method. Although this takes some time, it ensures that information on the drive is unrecoverable and makes the machine safe for donation. Any drives which fail this cleansing will be destroyed through physical means and recycled.

Mobile phones, networking equipment, telephony devices or any other equipment we receive will be erased and reset to factory defaults to make sure any stored passwords or configuration settings are completely gone.

Donate or Recycle?

We understand that even after this thorough wipe some companies may be uncomfortable with their equipment being donated and reused by other organisations, this is why we leave the end of life process in your hands. If you choose not to allow donation of your equipment we will recycle it with one of our disposal partners who make sure your hardware is broken down and recycled in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

We never ship end of life equipment out of Australia to be processed.

Secure Storage

ALLSTAR clients from time to time have a requirement to temporarily store IT equipment and/or other items without the need for a managed service. Storage of such items can be arranged on a per/pallet basis which is charged per calendar month. It is up to the Client how long they leave the items in the warehouse and they can have access as required.

This secure storage option suites the clients when stock management is not required and access to the items is not required on a regular basis.

Reference Clients

The following client scenarios provide an overview of the Managed IT Equipment services offered by ALLSTAR to its client base over the past thirteen years.

Gen-i Australia/CBA – 2000-2011

In support of the Telecommunications contract Gen-i had with the CBA, ALLSTAR provided warehouse facilities and warehouse management services for IT equipment. The scope of the services included new and used equipment storage, staging services, obsolete stock management, equipment disposal. Throughout this period a dedicated Warehouse Manager was assigned to the account to manage the stock logistics, staging requirements and inventory reporting.

Gen-i Australia/Norfolk – 2008-2012

In support of the ICT Outsourcing contract Gen-i had with the Norfolk Group, ALLSTAR provided warehouse facilities and warehouse management services for the Australian component of the contract. The scope of the services included management of all ICT equipment and included inbound and outbound dispatch, new and used equipment storage, staging and imaging services, obsolete stock management, warranty repairs, equipment disposal. Throughout this period a dedicated Warehouse Manager was assigned to the account to manage the stock logistics, staging requirements and inventory reporting. The Warehouse Manager also provided real-time updates on stock movements by having access to Gen-i’s Service Centre portal.

RCRI (Norfolk) – 2012-2013

Following the cessation of the Norfolk contract with Gen-i, ALLSTAR were approached to continue management of the Churn Stock with an increased scope to also manage the NZ requirements. With the support of Gen-i the scope of services outlined above were transitioned without impact to the Client and their end-users.

Bloomberg – 2009-Ongoing

ALLSTAR provide storage, stock management and dispatch services for Bloomberg specialised IT equipment in Australia. The service includes storage, stock management and quarterly audits, PC imaging, delivery and pick-up to Bloomberg client sites, obsolete equipment management.

Inventory management and ticket management is done by the ALLSTAR Service Desk who have direct access to the Bloomberg SCHD systems.

Gen-i Australia/Goodman Fielder – 2012-2013

As part of a major refresh programme Gen-i Australia conducted for Goodman Fielder, ALLSTAR provided IT equipment managed services for the project stock. ALLSTAR were responsible for:

  • Secure storage
  • Inbound stock receipt
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment staging
  • Stock dispatch direct to Goodman Fielder sites
  • Field installations
  • Project reporting.

Gen-i Australia/Citibank – 2011-On-going

ALLSTAR have been engaged to provide IT equipment managed services for the storage of Citibank WAN/LAN equipment. Due to storage limitations at Citibank premises, ALLSTAR is responsible for the following services:

  • Secure storage
  • Inbound stock receipt
  • Stock dispatch direct to Citibank Tech Support.
  • Inventory management/reporting, a report is generated each time equipment is received or dispatched and sent to the Gen-i Project Manager



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