May 10, 2017

Major Bank Data Centre

"Allstar undertook the installation of all network infrastructure for the newly built major bank Data Centre."

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Title: Major Bank Data Centre
Client Category: Finance and Banking
Service Type: Onsite Deployment



Allstar undertook the installation of all network infrastructure for the newly built major bank Data Centre. The bank Data Centre was Australia’s largest purpose built, single user non-government data centre facility. It features in excess of 8000m2 of gross floor area, major supporting plant areas and 2 x 1000m2 data halls. Data Centre business continuity planning ctivities, staging, testing, security and support is conducted in 300m2 of dedicated open plan office space. The  Data Centre is exclusively a data centre that maintains strict TIA-942 Tier III.

Allstar's Solution

  • Audit the existing data centres and capture detailed information of all Allstar’s Responsibility existing core infrastructure equipment. This includes make, model, serial numbers, asset number, port mapping, and rack layout and position diagrams.
  • Stage and test all equipment in the local environment prior to going live onto the bank’s network. Specific change management policies were followed and work was performed in consultation with bank’s project managers and designers.
  • Rack and stack, connect and patch all new equipment based on detailed designs defining RU positions and rack layouts. Physically relocate, rack and stack all existing equipment from redundant CBD data centres.
  • On-site support at the new facility and redundant data centres while vendors (EDS/HP, Telstra, AAPT and others) conducted their respective implementation stages.
  • Decommission, scrub, recycle and dispose of all redundant equipment through an approved green process and controlled project management and change management techniques.
  • Project management for all the above stages of the project utilising Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodologies.

Client Benefits

The client’s standard business operation continued uninterruptedly while Allstar completed the project on schedule, meeting the tight decommissioning and make-good of the redundant data centres.



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