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ICT Recruitment

Allstar Solutions are your external talent acquisition business partner and here to assist you to achieve outcomes. As part of our integrated approach to providing holistic ICT infrastructure solutions we can provide you qualified time critical human resource services.

Our clients success is our success. You can depend on us to provide planned and ad-hoc staffing solutions.

Talent Resourcing

We are constantly searching and engaging talented individuals in the infrastructure space and creating skillset ‘hives’ for our Clients to utilise. Our people are constantly working on designing, implementing and supporting infrastructure projects and are Subject Matter Experts [SME] in the ICT space. We know our recruitment service is much more than any agency can provide as we back it up with our inhouse talent. We understand that the people you employ and engage are your most important business asset. Whether you are recruiting for permanent, contract or temporary positions we can provide you with flexible professional staffing solutions, help you understand industry recruitment trends and provide insight on expected salary rates.

Flexibility in Talent Engagement

You can elect to engage our talent on permanent [full-time or fixed term], contract, temporary placements or through a statement of work, to manage your capacity needs.

Scalable Solutions

Allstar Solutions services provides for scalability of talent resources. Whether it is ad-hoc or planned our business can work with you to fulfill your business needs.

Resource Strategy and Workforce Planning

Our in-house recruitment team and SME can advise and build a skill set workforce plan strategy for your ICT programs.

May 10, 2017

Data Centre Relocation Work

"Allstar commenced the relocation of a data center."

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Cybersecurity response plan essential elements

Cybersecurity response plan essential elements

Designing a suitable cybersecurity response plan is an essential element of modern business, allowing your enterprise to map out exactly what will happen should you experience a cyber attack. Here are our top tips for devising a cybersecurity response plan and what should be incorporated within it.

Why you need a cybersecurity response plan

Why you need a cybersecurity response plan

Securing your enterprise isn’t just about shoring up your defences to limit the potential of a cybersecurity attack, it’s also about having a solid cybersecurity response plan in place to limit damage if an incident occurs. Here’s why it’s not enough to concentrate on defence and why every business needs a cybersecurity incident response plan.

Finding clarity in Cloud computing

Finding clarity in Cloud computing

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From the Fog to the Edge and beyond, here’s a quick guide to the various shades of the Cloud and what each offers business.

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