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Cabling and Electrical

Allstar Solutions can be your one stop shop approach for all professional service requirements. Our expert engineers will always be available.

Allstar Solutions offers clients Cabling and Electrical services which complement our onsite Deployment and Installation capability

Electrical Services

certified electricians to supply and install power ranging from standard office fitouts, communications rooms, high density Data Centres, through to external applications. Installations include standard GPO, dedicated circuits for UPS, HVAC, Data Racks, etc.

Cabling Services

Design, supply and installation of internal and external cabling requirements. Copper and Fibre cabling installations to support fit outs and refurbishments, satellite/wireless Installations, data centres, communications rooms, communications racks, communication frames, building/campus (MDF, IDF). Allstar Solutions also provide their clients Cabling Standards documents, Tender input, and Tender Response evaluation for new cabling requirements they may have.

May 10, 2017

Data Centre Relocation Work

"Allstar commenced the relocation of a data center."

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Cybersecurity response plan essential elements

Cybersecurity response plan essential elements

Designing a suitable cybersecurity response plan is an essential element of modern business, allowing your enterprise to map out exactly what will happen should you experience a cyber attack. Here are our top tips for devising a cybersecurity response plan and what should be incorporated within it.

Why you need a cybersecurity response plan

Why you need a cybersecurity response plan

Securing your enterprise isn’t just about shoring up your defences to limit the potential of a cybersecurity attack, it’s also about having a solid cybersecurity response plan in place to limit damage if an incident occurs. Here’s why it’s not enough to concentrate on defence and why every business needs a cybersecurity incident response plan.

Finding clarity in Cloud computing

Finding clarity in Cloud computing

Since Cloud computing exploded into the IT realm in about 2009, it’s become an increasingly valuable tool for business. However, as Cloud adoption increase, so too do the ways it’s used.
From the Fog to the Edge and beyond, here’s a quick guide to the various shades of the Cloud and what each offers business.

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