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Our experience covers technology audit and relocations for data centres, contact centres, administration buildings, site office and branch style environments. From a floor shuffle, to a full building relocation, Allstar Solutions resources look after project management, infrastructure and end-user audit, decommission-pack-recommission equipment, secure ICT transportation and post relocation support.

Allstar Solutions provide ICT relocation services to enterprise and SMB clients on a national basis.

Pre-Relocation Audit

a critical factor in any business relocation is having a full record of what is being moved, from where, to where. Comprehensive ICT audits are completed for core infrastructure (data centre, building MCR/FCR), end-user computing (desktop, phones, printers/MFD, WiFi, etc). This service results the delivery of the ‘Churn’ sheet.

Equipment Decommission

networking and end-user equipment is decommissioned in accordance with the Churn sheet and packed ready for transportation to its new location. Our service also includes the relocation of end-user personal items including chairs, security crates, furniture items, etc.

ICT Secure Transport

equipment is moved across the floor, inter building or across ANZ by professional ICT relocation experts.

Equipment Recommission

once the equipment has been delivered to its new location, it is checked against the Churn sheet and reinstalled by field engineers. Patching, testing and UAT complete this phase of the relocation.

First Business Day Support

to ensure the business is operational and supported on the next business day, onsite support is provided by members of the relocation team as required (1/2 day, full day, 1 week, etc)

May 10, 2017

Data Centre Relocation Work

"Allstar commenced the relocation of a data center."

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