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Application and Infrastructure Security

in the modern world, there is an ever increasing risk of organisational disruption due to cyber security breaches. With our team of security solutions experts your business can conduct business as usual with complete operational peace of mind.
Our technician’s can provide advice, solutions and ongoing support every step of the way to ensure and implement the most appropriate security solution to suit your operational environment and needs

Allstar Solutions offers a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to security and the protection of important information and data.

Audit existing security infrastructure

Asses and define vulnerabilities including penetration testing and vulnerability assessments

Offer managed security services to reduce exposure and to mitigate risk

Monitor your current environment

Actively prevent cyber breaches and unauthorized access

Design and Implement network architecture, software and security protocols

May 10, 2017

Data Centre Relocation Work

"Allstar commenced the relocation of a data center."

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What to consider when planning a wireless network

What to consider when planning a wireless network

In the business world, access to wireless internet is no longer a luxury but an expectation. Staff and even customers, demand a reliable, secure internet service that they can log into anywhere in your building at any time, often using the device of their choosing. But there’s more to creating a wireless local area network…

NBN implications for business

NBN implications for business

Promising to deliver business faster internet speed that enables more flexible working conditions, better video conferencing capability and swifter access to the Cloud, the NBN has been an ongoing hot topic played out in the headlines over recent years. For 1.82 million Australian businesses and households, the NBN is already a reality, with a government…

Lessons to be learned in cyber security

Lessons to be learned in cyber security

On October 21 last year Americans awoke to find a large portion of the internet had come to a near grinding halt. Sites like CNN, Netflix, Reddit, The Guardian and Twitter had been brought down by a sustained distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against Dyn, a company that handles countless domains. Using what was…

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